Giới thiệu về Bà Nà Hill bằng tiếng Anh


Ba Na mountain area located under the Truong Son mountain range is located in Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang, 25 km to the southwest. Tourist centers located on top of Ba Na Mountain Spirit elevation 1489 m above sea level.


Giới thiệu về Bà Nà Hill


After the August Revolution in 1945, the Ba Na people gradually absence. When the French returned to invade the 2nd Vietnam, local people carried out scorched earth policy to destroy the buildings were built in Ba Na. From there, the resort was abandoned and gradually covered trees in oblivion for nearly half a century. In early 1998, the People’s Committee of Da Nang city decided to rebuild the Ba Na resort into a large-scale ecological systems motels, restaurants, reserve … The road from the mountain foot to the top of Mrs. Na was 15 km long asphalt, convenient for transport. After 2000, Bana was awakened and renewable position a tourist town and quickly returned to the throne of one of the most popular resorts lichnoi Danang

The attractions

Linh Ung Pagoda

Chùa Linh Ứng

Completed in Day 5 – 3-2004, the temple has a lot of similarities with Tam Thai Pagoda (Marble Mountains), in particular, the temple has a statue of the Buddha 27 meters high white. Object around to face showing 8 of 8 stages of Buddha’s life. Chua also Sarnath – where Buddha gave his first teachings

The resort

On Ba Na Mountain, the resort area of French soldiers appeared from the early 20th century that now exist through the jungle ruins, today, the villas, lodges and rebuilt appeared in the resort: Ba Na by night, Le Nim, Hoang Lan villas, … and in recent years, Da Nang city continues to recover and build some mansions, parks Buddhist culture, mass ruouva tunnel hotels, villas, bars, tennis courts, badminton courts …

Suoi Mo

Suối Mơ

When Ba Na Cable Car to go to the top of Vong Nguyet, many visitors can look down and see Mo streams flowing underneath. In summer, open fire become very touristy because it has a 9-storey waterfall Toc Tien roof looks like a fairy toccua.

Ba Na Cable Car

Construction works on 30 hectares overall by the Corporation Ba Na Cable Car Service carried out in 2007 to build such items and to connect the terminal to go to top of An Loi Vong Nguyet, technical area , operator, and other ancillary works. The total investment of over 300 billion.

The entire cable car system includes 22 offices, 94 cabin, capacity 1500 pax / hour, the average speed of 6m / s

June 25 – 3-2009, Ba Na cable car was officially unveiled, set two Guinness World Records:

• 1 Wire Cable longest (Longest non – stop cable car): 5042.62 m

• Cable elevation difference between ga ga over and under the greatest (The Highest non-stop cable car):1291.81m

Currently, the Corporation Ba Na cable car service is expected to launch the 2nd line 697.67 m long, with a budget of 100 billion investment to replace old cable car system built in 2000 from Hope Hill Moon to the center (Mountain of God) took only 3 minutes.

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